Additional items that we carry for your use

(2) Flanders 22” HD/SDI (3G) Monitor
Panasonic 17 LED BT-LH1700WP
Samsung 19” HD HDMI Monitor for Quad or Single Camera
Blackmagic 17” HD SDI Monitor
TV Logic 6” Camera SDI/HDMI
Decimator DMON-4S – Quad (3G/HD/SD)-SDI to HDMI Multiviewer and Converter
Decimator SDI to HDMI/HDMI to SDI dual
AJA SDI to Component HD
AJA DVI to SDI HD Converter
SDI to HDMI Converters – USB Powered
1×6 SDI DA
1×6 SDI DA 4K
Samurai Digital Recorder 10 bit 4:2:2 to ProRes
Black Magic 4K Video Assist
Black Magic HD Video Assist

Mini Gyro – $500 per day
24 Volt 300 amp Battery – $100 per day

Why go to LA when you can pick it up here in Orange County or have it delivered to you? For camera stabilization using 2-Kenyon K8 Gyros, this handheld stabilizing camera mount is ideal for all types of shooting platforms, including aerial filming. Its quick and easy with no installation or FAA approval required. That’s why these mounts are a great versatile helicopter camera mount.

Unlike other systems the Minigyro Mount’s offer the option for multiple types of shooting platforms. This mount can be used for helicopters, cars, boats, ATV’s, and even while walking. Really, for anything that moves! You can even mount a GoPro for an added source of footage.

$175 per day

6 foot arm
6 foot base
Dolly Wheels

$400 per day

2 Axis (X and Y) head
Control Surface
Zoom/Focus Based on Camera Type

$200 per day

360′ Variable speed continuous rotation. Can fit most any size wood disk from 12″ to 48″ in size. Tripod or floor mount, fits into 100mm ball mount.

$125 per day

4 foot Slider Track
Slider Car
Slider Tripod

$175 per day

8′,10′ or 12′ foot Slider Rails
Stands and Support
Slider Car

$125 per day

Just like a Dana Dolly for for use with tripods. Will support prompter.
6/8/10/12 Foot Slider

$35 per day

Modern Hi-hat 75/100mm Ball