Additional equipment inventory for your production needs

Cost per day $200

1x – Audio-Technica Bp4073 Line + Gradient Condenser Microphone – Boom
3x – Sennheiser G2 Wireless Interview Microphone
1x – Sennheiser G2 Wireless “Butt Plg” And Receiver
3x – Ost-801/802- Miniature Electret Condenser Microphone
1x – Sound Devices 302 Portable 3 Channel Field Mixer
2x – Sony UWP-D11 Integrated Digital Wireless Interview Kit
3x – Sony MDRV6 Studio Monitor Headphones with CCAW Voice Coil
1x – Roland MA-12 Set Speak Self Powered Speaker
2x – Tram TR-80 Hardwired Microphone
1x – Beyerdynamic M58 ENG/EFP Microphone (Omni-Directional)
1x – Sony SM58 Handheld Microphone
4x – Lectrosonic UCR2050D Tx/Rx (mic and receiver)
* other options available

Cost per day $200

12x – Motorola TR40 5 Watt UHF Industry Radios
13x – Surveillance Style Headset
2x  – Bank/Gang Charger
10x – Backup Batteries

Cost per day $45

Tascam DR-60 4 Channel Recorder

Cost per day as used

1×4 XRL Splitter DA box
RJ11 to RCA Phone Patch Box
DI Converter from Laptop to XLR
Hundreds of Adapters

Cost per day $35

Sound Design 302 Field Mixer
PCC 4 Channel with Audio record
Eurorack UB1002
Shure 1×8 Interview Bridge

Cost per day $150

5x – Belt Packs With Heads Sets
1x – Main Base Station